We level up your business by...

your employees

We provide you with standard or customized, future-ready solutions to train your employees in your new processes, internal working and procedures. The solutions grow with your business and keep you informed about the progress.

your leads

Together with your marketing and sales we define which of our components are best used, connected and configured in order to maximize the collection of new leads which are then stored in a back-end system to be used for you.

your prospects

We help you to inform your prospects about your story, services and product information. We tune our solutions so they are approached in a fun, immersive and visual appealing way. Your prospects become nicely informed new customers.

your clients

Whether they buy your products, want to learn about your processes or are eager to experience specific situations, we make sure your clients are all educated in the nuances of your story. They then become your ambassadors.

We create...

Learning Games

Game based learning is a more interactive and effective method to enhance problem solving skills. The time spent in training is reduced by 40%, while retention is increased. Trainees contextualize their matter in a more efficient way. A sense of fun and immersion is always present in our games, improving the experience for trainees and increasing the chance of a longer play time: people may even feel the urge to keep going beyond their work shifts and continue to learn in their free time.


A more future proof method to easily integrate publicity purposes into the corporate culture is advertising through games. It generates higher visibility and boosts marketing and sales in a subtle, intuitive way. Ads are less obvious and more interesting for the public to discover. The customer practically becomes an ambassador. Reinforced by the power of social media, a sense of community emerges that brings new and old customers together.


A strong data driven system to guide the user through a technical or decision-making process. Configurators make it possible to visualize many values and parameters in a simple manner.
Customization and live visual feedback on the user's input make for a clear and structured experience.
The user remembers the product data more easily and gets a fair grasp of the possibilities in a short period of time.


Our Team

We have fun in creating games, animations and visual appealing design that serve a practical purpose for your business.

Van Geirt

Tech director & programmer


Creative director & sales


2D artist
Concept & 2D art


Technical artist
Programming & animation


3D artist
Modelling & animation


Account manager
Sales & marketing

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